Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Hat folks

Happy Happy - the couple I knit the "authentic" Jayne hats for sent me a pic - they are too too cute.
In other knitting new, I stopped at the bookstore today and picked up Vogue's little tiny sock knitting book. I almost picked up 3-4 others and a magazine but I managed to maintain my budget!!! So hopefully I'll have sock pics soon. I'm also very close to finished the handles of my Sophie bag - pics of that coming soon as well.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Long Live The Hero of Canton

Again, up to my ears in Jayne hats so I haven't had time to post. My version of the hats seem to be very popular. I had a special request for a couple going to Dragon-con and I think the hats turned out very well. Here's proof that I've been knitting hats non-stop:

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Highly Anticipated....

I wish ...... been a while since I posted. Why? Because I've got too much work to do!!!! Lots and lots of folks want Jayne hats so I've been knitting them up every single day. This is a good thing - a little extra Jayne cash doesn't hurt.
BTW - here's a totally random vacation pic - just because. Yah vacation!
I did see something knitting related on the way home from work on Friday. My car died (rip) so I've been taking BART for the past 2 weeks. Inside the train there was a poster thanking "Knitters, Crocheters & Needleworkers" for riding BART. I wanted to grab my cell and take a quickie pic but I didn't want to embarass myself with the loud clicking noise my phone makes. And, I didn't want the two commuters sitting in front of the sign to think I was some freaky stalker person. And, I didn't want to draw any attention to myself with all the heightened security on the BART trains due to the foiled terrorist plot uncovered in the UK. But the sign was cute and I almost wished I had a longer commute so I could knit on the train. As it is, most days I don't even get to sit down as I ride the most congested portion. But then I only pay $45 a month to ride as much as I want which is far less than the 300 - 400 a month I spent on parking & gas to drive my car to work. Yah me!!!

In more specific knitting news - I did get some new patterns and yarn with the intention of making some Christmas gifts. I'm close to finishing one felted purse and I'd love to start on the Noni purse I want just for moi but I don't have enough yarn for the Noni - and I still need the flower pattern. And I need to order handles and magnetic closures for the purse. And, I'm trying not to spend money on knitting (unless it's for something I've sold) until I finish some more items. Yah me!!!!
I also think the Jayne hats are going to continue to be popular because of the upcoming Dragon-Con and Browncoat ball and then the Christmas holidays. But like I said, extra cash rocks since I need to buy a new car in the next few months (after I've weaned my family from the thought that I'm a freaking chauffeaur). Double Yah me :)