Friday, March 28, 2008

mamma like

I got a laptop...........woo hoo. I'm not lucky enjoy to know the joy of blogging from bed. It feels oh-so-decadent. My desktop decided to take a permanent vacation so I went online and found this brand new, inexpensive Compaq from Circuit City - no interest - and it showed up 2 days later. Best part is my son's got a wireless router on his system on the 3rd floor - which magically works with my laptop, in my bedroom, on the first floor. So I'll be getting rid of my phone & dsl next month. That'll save me about $40 a month. Time to go hunt for a messenger bag,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tempis Fugit

I think that's how you spell it - time flys. On my downtime at work I was looking at grad announcements to order for my daughter - my baby girl - who at this time next year will be a college freshman. I'm so not the emotional type - I didn't even cry when I saw E.T. - but for some reason this graduation is getting to me. Perhaps because she's struggling to make it (through every fault of her own I might add), or maybe because my son did the G.E.D. thing and didn't have a high school graduation. But probably because it's times like this that I miss my dad - and my cousin Deb, who was my daughter's godmother. I even miss my former mil who passed this winter. It breaks my heart that my daughter never got to know her grandfather - who would have spoiled her rotten and whom she would have adored endlessly. So this Easter weekend, while I'm running around, I'm going to make a stop at the cemetary, to visit my dad's grave, and bring him a picture of the granddaughter he never got to met, in her cap & gown.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Better late than never

Spent the past weekend cooking lots of corned beef, cabbage, colcannon and soda bread for this dive bar we all know and love. Tried to take video via my piece o'shit cell phone:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Best Idea Ever

My friends at Guinness have teamed up with my friends at A-B to make March 17th a national holiday. Here, in California, we celebrate two different New Year's, the births of a variety of persons important and not and, of course, Halloween. There are months when I think my daughter has more holidays, than school days. So why not add St. Paddy's day to the mix? A decent percentage of the population leaves work early that day to drink - and arrives late the next morning due to drinking - why not cut our losses and just give in to the joy of the day?

Friday, March 07, 2008

100 Things Meme

I love memes that are simple - so here's Part I of:

100 Things I Want To Do Before.....(you know - move to Colma so to speak):

1. Be at goal weight.
2. Cut my hair really short - Mr.s Tom Cruise short.
3. Drive on the freaking freeway.
4. Own my own home.
5. Grow roses.
6. Have every single room in the house clean at the same time.
7. Organize all my photos.
8. Learn to speak another language fluently.
9. Get a master's degree.
10. Become a credentialed teacher.
11. Owe no $$
12. Travel to Ireland.
13. Live alone (even for just a month).
14. Watch both my children graduate college.
15. Finish all those UFOs
16. Read all of Shakespeares works
17. Hike to the top of Angel Island.
18. Act as a tour guide in San Francisco
19. Particpate in a treasure hunt - like the one on Chinese New Year's
20. Write a book.
21. Own a dog (that does not shit on the rug)
22. Hand knit gifts for ALL of my aunts one Christmas
23. Learn to dance
24. Road trip - drive across the country - or parts of it - one summer.
25. Ride a Harley

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


It's 2008 and women continue to earn less than men - 77 cents to the dollar and women of color earn even less. The O N L Y way this and all the other inequities women face will change is if the women of this country - stand together - and elect a president who's walked in our shoes. Throughout this campaign - Hillary's made headlines for being "emotional" - she hasn't been judged on issues - but on gender. It's time for the strongest nation on this planet to have the type of leader who is ready and able to lead us in the right direction. Go Hillary!!!!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

The rain's have subsided - thank god - and I do see blue in the sky. This can only mean one thing - spring cleaning! I normally resist any urge to clean but it's been overwhelming this year. I feel like a bear just waking up from an extra long hibernation. So, today, after I do all those pesky weekend errands - and a little shopping - and maybe eat lunch - I'm going work on some spring cleaning - including - wait for it - the stash. I did a M A J O R stash reduction at the beginning of winter - with two hefty bags - the kind they stuff a piano into on tv - full of yarn. Okay, most of it was crappy acrylic that I bought eons ago and some of it was actually neon green faux fur - but it's all gone - donated to charity with a ton of old clothes.

So, I'll be organizing said stash this evening - and either frogging or finishing a lot of WIPs.

Wish me luck.

I'm also thinking about doing a major house spring cleaning. My demon spawn graduates,
we think, in June and I'm determined to throw a major party. My initial plan was to have it at her dad's club but I'm thinking of having it here. It would be tons more work for moi but I'd save $$ and we haven't had a major major fiesta here in a long long time. I do think we have to paint the LR though - and put new tile down in the sunroom - and have a gardner fix the yard. So maybe the club ain't such a bad idea! I've got 3 months - plenty of time to clean or trash the idea.