Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm Kaylee

Your results:
You are Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
River (Stowaway)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
Inara Serra (Companion)
A Reaver (Cannibal)
You are good at fixing things.
You are usually cheerful.
You appreciate being treated
with delicacy and specialness.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

iTunes S U C K S

So, I saw this new phone on the T-Mobile webpage whilst checking my used minutes. It was such a pretty phone - just a hint of my favorite color - purple. It's a slide phone instead of my oh-so-old flip phone. I lusted after this phone when I saw it on the webpage because it was also a music player. Now I've had a cell forever but the idea that I could listen to my music on my phone and carry one less device in my purse on BART every morning was making me a happy, happy girl. My iPod (which was actually my son's iPod - he bought it - he hated it - he handed it over to me), was an iPod mini and was beginning to lose it's battery power - the altzheimers of iPods - they're never as good once they start losing battery power. Which, I suspect, is a cleverly disguised way to sell even more iPods (becase Steve J. doesn't have enough money yet.) For a company like Apple, who figqured out a way to merge the music industy and the internet when no one else could, who makes the most user friendly devices and puters in the verse, why can't they have a battery that lasts? Only one reason - if your battery lasts forever, you won't buy a new iPod.
I was resigned to the fact that I'd need a new iPod - cuz you have to have the tunes - and them video iPods sure are pretty - but I knew I'd be downloading videos left and right - I didn't want that to become a habit - why d/l Desperate Housewives when it's on free tv? So I figured once my paypal account had enough in it to justify the purchase, I'd buy the iPod. Then, I saw this phone. I was skeptical that it would be: 1. Too expensive & 2. Not hold enough memory for a decent playlist. I was wrong on both accounts. $120 later and a nearly lifetime commitment to T Mobile, I had my phone. I wouldn't even let my darling daughter touch it (she looks at electronic devices and they seize up and stop working). After 2 hours of trying to figure it out, I did have to hand it over to her to teach me. She discovered that my phone is also an FM radio receiver! True test if this is the perfect phone is manana when I see if it picks up a signal inside BART. I've got about 100 songs uploaded now so I'm a happy girl. I would have had more but iTunes songs won't play on it - but most of my music started out as legally purchased CDs - not many songs I actually purchased via iTunes. Just Nickleback and Daughtry - the ones I listen to A L L T H E T I M E which is why iTunes sucks. All in all, it's still a good thing.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pattern Contest

My favorite yarn store in the whole wide world is holding a pattern contest. Click on the pic for details. I know the pattern I'd like to submit but I need to knit it then write it up!! There's a great goodie bag of prizes for the winner plus a gift certificate to Jimmy Beans stores!
In other knitting news, I'm knitting my fingers to the bone making Jayne hats. I may be knitting a gazillion hats for the Equity Now charity screenings of Serenity in June. Everytime I put a hat up for auction on eBay, I sell a ton of Jayne stuff in my eBay store.
Spring has officially sprung and mere weeks away from Opening Day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my nose is running like a mofo.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another one bites the dust

St Paddy's day is our house isn't one of drinking and partying - it's a work day - a very long workday - this year it started about 5:30 on Thursday and ended about 5:30 on Sunday evening. Lots of food cooked and consumed - some alcohol was finally consumed aroud 3ish - but not nearly enough!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Gotta love P.T.O. - that's what my employer calls vacation days - personal time off. So a vacation day is the same as a sick day (except bosses don't count all the sick days). Tomorrow, I've got PTO. I'll be getting my hair dyed (same color - less grey) and cut (actually just a trim) and I'll be making a trek to Costco to buy potatoes and Safeway to buy Kale and buttermilk so I can make Colcannon and Irish Soda Bread.
I think Irish Soda Bread may be my favorite thing to eat in the entire world. If I was trapped on a desert island, I could exsit on Soda Bread, butter and Guinness. I could actually sub the Guinness for water and still be happy.
Unfortunately the # of WW points on that Soda Bread is gonna be high and I'll be struggling all weekend to not eat my weight (pun intended) in Soda Bread. My mouth is actually salivating right now just thinking about it.
In knitting news, I've been approached by a group to be a sponser for a charity event they're doing this summer for Equity Now. I'm not sure if I'll have the man hours to participate but I love the idea, am pleased I was approached, and have confidence that something like this could take my little ole internet store to the next level. But it's a loooooooooooooooooot of Jayne hat knitting - without even knowing how many items they want, I know it's a looooooooooooooot of knitting.
The bizarre thing about this whole chain of event is while walking to the BART station from my office, I saw a man wearing a Jayne hat. It was a poorly made Jayne hat - might have even been , crocheted!! Bottom was fugly. I had been indecisive about the idea for this charity event - wasn't sure if I could pull it off - then I saw the fugly Jayne hat on the fugly man - was this a sign? I really believe that there are no coincidences - in the two years I've knit Jayne hats, I've never seen anyone, in public, wearing one. I know they're out there. Hell, I've got pics of a dozen or so of mine and I've knit maybe a hundred. But I've never actually run into one. I so wanted to follow that poor man. I did stop at the corner, whip out the phone and took a quick pic of it. But, you can't really tell it's a guy wearing a fugly hat. It's like Where's Waldo - where's the fugly hat?
I think Jayne's mom would have cried had she seen it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Progress.....and denial

I'm making nice progress on Cherry Bomb - it's a lot of stockinette stitch but that makes it great for TV watching. A little mindless knitting is always a good thing. I've been tempted to pop it into my Jordana Paige Knitter's Satchel and take it to work with me (cuz it's been very very boring of late). But I'm not sure I can resist the temptation to knit at my desk.
I still need to order the rest of the surprises for my LV yarn p0rn swappee.
Speaking of pee, I was denied that biological right early this afternoon while at work due to some poor planning by some public utility officials. Apparently they're upgrading our water system here in the city that knows how and didn't realize the amount of water used around lunch time in a major metopolitian city on a regular business day. Can you hear the flushes now?
So in the midst of their work, a water main broke in one part of the city and the flow stopped. Just plain stopped. And no time frame when it would be restored. After about 30 minutes and squirming in my seat (I had consumed 3 16 oz bottles of water per my WW healthy habit goal) I was thinking of how I was going to be able to deal with the fact that I had to pee soon. Some of the ladies at work walked down a couple of blocks to the Marriott which graciously let them use the rest rooms. I'm not sure why they had working toilets when no one else did. Then I thought of the HUD workers 2 floors down - I know they weren't going to sit still for no flushing. So, I got my purse, my cell phone & my sun glasses and got ready to hit the streets looking for a place to pee. I figured it might be worth the $150 to try and check into the Marriott. At the very least, I could try and take BART home. Even if my toilet didn't flush, I could at least pee in it. As I passed through the double doors I heard a "thank god". I turned and saw smiling faces - there was hope in my heart - could it be true? Could I, dare I say it, flush? Chorus of hallejuahs danced in my head as I head our office manager say the crisis was over. We could flush. I tried to walk briskly to the closest ladies room without actually breaking into a sprint. It was true.
I vowed never to drink 3 bottles of water again, ever. And I'm thinking of investing in a supply of depends. Hey, it works for astronauts.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Random Wednesday

Hump day - say it out loud - it sounds like a bad porn movie title - one you'd see on Cinamax late at night full of faux humping. I don't know why we call it hump day. It's demeaning.

I've starting on a project for myself - something I can actually wear! It's Cherry Bomb from Big Girls Knits and I'm using some Caron Simply Soft I had sitting around. I didn't want to buy lots of new expensive fiber for this - it's more of me learning garment construction than anything else. Measuring myself was a joy to behold. How exactly is one supposed to measure one's boobs when gravity has not been kind? Kudos to Amy Singer, et al on measuring instructions. Very well written. I'm confident it'll fit great when I'm done because of the intricate measurements I took. (and no way I'm a triple D). I think I'd like to make the Lauren Tee next.

WW update - it's been more than 4 weeks and I've lost 17 lbs. Yep, the big ass jeans are starting to loosen up. It's been easier than I expected. I even splured on a super baby burrito last week and stayed within my points and lost 4.2 lbs. (that .2 is very important so please don't forget it).
I'm eating lots and lots of salads and almost no Cokes - I've actually had 2 1/2 in the last 5 weeks. I probably drank at least 4 20 oz bottles a day before that. Diet sodas do suck but I've found I like Fresca and I can tolerate Diet Dr. Pepper just not every day. I hate drinking plain water but i've been doing it. When I left work today I still had like 20 pts left so I went to the store and got a ginormous salad and a wheat roll on which I put R E A L butter. And I still have like 7 pts left. So life is good!

IN other knitting news, I'm participating in a yarn swap and it's been a lot of fun trying to find the perfect selection of goodies to send to my swapee. I think the hardest part is not keeping some of it for myself. I got some really cute stuff from eBay today and I'm thinking I need more so I can have some. But I have decided exactly what is going into my swap box so now it's just waiting for stuff to arrive. It's really hard not to blow the budget on this too - min is $20 which isn't a lot and I've gone past 2x that already so it's time to lock up the credit card until the next swap.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yarn P0rn

I've joined my very first yarn swap - since it's supposed to be a secret, I'm not giving any hints but I am very, very, very excited. I've gotten emails from both my swapper and my swapee and it's really going to be fun.
This is what happens when it's slow at work and I get bored enough to do some web surfing - I sign up for shit.
I was hoping to go to WonderCon this weekend but my darling son didn't clear his schedule and I don't want to go alone but I still may. Nate Fillion who played Mal on Firefly will be there pimping his new Fox show and I'd love to get a look at him. I suspect I might even run into one of my Jayne hats! Perhaps I'll bribe my daughter to go. :O)
BTW - American Idol sucks this year.