Thursday, March 15, 2007


Gotta love P.T.O. - that's what my employer calls vacation days - personal time off. So a vacation day is the same as a sick day (except bosses don't count all the sick days). Tomorrow, I've got PTO. I'll be getting my hair dyed (same color - less grey) and cut (actually just a trim) and I'll be making a trek to Costco to buy potatoes and Safeway to buy Kale and buttermilk so I can make Colcannon and Irish Soda Bread.
I think Irish Soda Bread may be my favorite thing to eat in the entire world. If I was trapped on a desert island, I could exsit on Soda Bread, butter and Guinness. I could actually sub the Guinness for water and still be happy.
Unfortunately the # of WW points on that Soda Bread is gonna be high and I'll be struggling all weekend to not eat my weight (pun intended) in Soda Bread. My mouth is actually salivating right now just thinking about it.
In knitting news, I've been approached by a group to be a sponser for a charity event they're doing this summer for Equity Now. I'm not sure if I'll have the man hours to participate but I love the idea, am pleased I was approached, and have confidence that something like this could take my little ole internet store to the next level. But it's a loooooooooooooooooot of Jayne hat knitting - without even knowing how many items they want, I know it's a looooooooooooooot of knitting.
The bizarre thing about this whole chain of event is while walking to the BART station from my office, I saw a man wearing a Jayne hat. It was a poorly made Jayne hat - might have even been , crocheted!! Bottom was fugly. I had been indecisive about the idea for this charity event - wasn't sure if I could pull it off - then I saw the fugly Jayne hat on the fugly man - was this a sign? I really believe that there are no coincidences - in the two years I've knit Jayne hats, I've never seen anyone, in public, wearing one. I know they're out there. Hell, I've got pics of a dozen or so of mine and I've knit maybe a hundred. But I've never actually run into one. I so wanted to follow that poor man. I did stop at the corner, whip out the phone and took a quick pic of it. But, you can't really tell it's a guy wearing a fugly hat. It's like Where's Waldo - where's the fugly hat?
I think Jayne's mom would have cried had she seen it.

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