Friday, February 23, 2007

It's here....

Have I mentioned how much I love Jimmy Beans Wool?
As a treat to myself for staying on WW for 3 freaking weeks (and losing at least 6 lbs - I don't weight in until Monday and I missed last week so I"m hoping for much more) and as a way to egg on the economy with my tax refund, I bought a Jordana Paige Knitter's Satchel on Tuesday from Jimmy Bean's Wool's website. It arrived today!
It's soooooooooooo purty. I can't wait to use it. I'm thinking it's not just going to be a knitting bag, I'm going to carry it as a purse everyday. It's the most wonderful shade of purple (called Grape) and it's elegant!
Pics tomorrow along with pics of the purse I'm trying to felt for my neice's 13th birthday tomorrow. It's a Noni bag (another of my favs) and I've having a hell of a time felting it. I've put it through the washer at least 8 times. I made the carpet bagger big last month with the same yarn (Cascade220) and didn't have an isse. For some reason I still see lots of stitch definition with this one and it's too freaking big!!! Off to a round in the dryer...if that doesn't work the kid's getting a gift card!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jimmy Beans Wool & F I R E

There was a fire in our neighborhood tonight. It was a little scary getting off the BART train and hearing the sirens and then getting closer to my house and seeing the flames.
Luckily no one was hurt. What struck me the most about the whole event was the number of folks who broke out their cell phones to record the drama (me included).
In good news, I got my tax refund on Friday and after buying my son a jacket, my daughter a new tank for her turtle, and spending Monday's holiday playing tourist, I bought myself a little gift. The Jordana Paige Knitter's Satchel.
I wanted grape but she no longer had it on her page. However, the ever amazing Jimmy Beans Wool had it on their page at the exact same price with free shipping. I L O V E Jimmy Beans Wool. I stumbled into their Truckee store last summer and every time I've ordered online from them, I've been extremely happy. Being the impatient gal that I am, I was hoping to go ahead and pay for expediated shipping but, alas, they don't offer it. So I'm thinking it'll take at least a week before I have an idea as to when the bag will arrive. Nope! Not Jimmy Beans orders! I got an email when I got home from work (mind you I ordered it online around 3pm) saying my bag had been shipped via Priority Mail. I ship my eBay stuff via Priority and it's about 2 to 3 business days which means, I may have my bag on Friday!! Happy Happy Joy Joy. I L O V E Jimmy Beans Wool.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm B A A A A CK

Finally, my internet works. ATT/SBC/Yahoo! really did a number on me. First they suspended my account for non-payment when my account was current. They did this with no warning - no chance for me to call up and say "double check your records because I did pay you, on time, in full." After thinking it was my modem for weeks and dreading calling tech support because they treat you like you're a moron and it takes forever, I finally called only to be told my account was suspended for non-payment. After I talk to them for at least 30 mintues, they discover that I was indeed correct. They'd cancelled my email account that I used for business purposes - the ones I used on all my job hunts. The one that actually uses my R E A L name. But it wasn't the one I used every day so I could still get my email, manage my websites, etc. So then I'm told I'll be reconnected in 1/22. 1/22 and I still have no connection. I actually gotten used to running up 3 flights of stairs to use my son's computer to read email or printing shipping labels at work. So this morning, I unplug every freaking cord to my computer and modem and phone. I meticulously plug everything back in. You guessed it, no internet. I make the dreaded phone call to tech support to discover that my yahooID had been deleted. Yet, I'm able to access that ID and the associated emails. So we had to go step by step and re-register my email and ID. Naturally it wouldn't let me use either of the two that they'd suspended. Plus, it's really slow. I don't remember it being this slow.
So, my plan is to steal my son's Wii and see if his wireless network will work all the way down here. If so, after I gather up all my email address and consolidate it all into one freaking address, I'll be cancelling ATT/Yahoo/SBC and saving myself about 80 bucks a month. I'm gonna cancel my land line too - the only reason I had it was to have proof that I lived in the city for my daughter's school registration. Nothing else is in my name. But she's a Junior now so it's time for the land line to go buh bye. I shouldnt' be paying 45 for cable for my son, 80 for my phone and internet and 150 for cell phones - that's way way too much.
Must surf now - need more knitting patterns - :)