Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sooooooo Sloooooooow

Why is it that the holiday weekend can fly by and these 4 days of work before the new year are crawling along. I want to be done with 09 and move on already!
09 did have some highlights - noteably reconnecting with my SJU girls via Facebook. But. it was also The Year of Stress, Weight-Gain, Unfinished Projects & Hot Flashes. So bring it on 2010 ---- I'm ready for you.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Have a crafty New Year!

Because I sure will. I discovered. through my holiday knitting, that I am one crafty old lady when I don't confine myself to someone elses's pattern. So my plan for the new year is to flood etsy and eBay with my craftiness. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the 5th day of Christmas.......

my mother gave to me.....FIVE skeins of yarn.....

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5 days before Christmas, my mother comes to me with a bag of Lion's Brand & a scarf from Target. I should have run screaming but no, I'm a knitter, I can do ANYthing. Turns out she wanted to buy a matching hat, scarf & gloves for my daughter's best friend in her favorite color blue as a Christmas gift. She finds a scarf and gloves but no hat. But wait, that's not a problem. Her daughter is a knitter, all she needs is some yarn. Now, if this had been a project for anyone other than my daughter's best friend, I would have driven my butt to Target and found a matching hat, scarf & gloves in her favorite color (which happens to be green, not blue - and how do I know that? cuz I'm knitting her some socks, in green!). But my daughter's best friend is part of the family so she gets a hat. First pic is with said scarf. My daughter wants me to add ear flaps but I'm not feeling the flaps so we'll let Shanay decide. Not bad for an improvised design and 4 hours of knitting.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm thankful for:

~having a talented and thoughtful daughter who prepared the entire €hanksgiving meal.
~having a son who pushed me to go to his grandfather's house to share their Thanksgiving meal.
~having the means to be able to do some Black Friday shopping
~having a strong roof over my head and a strong family within its walls

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gooble gooble

this year will be the first Thanksgiving in close to 30 years where I have not been responsible for cooking the meal. It's not like I am passing the torch - I would much rather be home now brining a turkey - but I am in for a lengthy work day so I asked my daughter for help prepping the meal. that turned into my mother taking over. The menu so far: turkey, honey baked ham, prime rib, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, au jus, dressing, pumpkin pie and turkey tetrazini. Note the lack of vegtables. I fear for our lives.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

go away bug

why is it, that on one of the busiest work weeks of the year, which happens to also be the week of my son's birthday AND the week before Thanksgiving, do I have to come down with a bug ......for the 2nd time in a month. Enough already.....I got things to do - not the least of which is knitting a buttload of Jayne hats and planning a party for 100. Calagon take me away.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

use the force george

men who stare at goats was not great but was entertaining any movie with george clooney and jedis will always be on my must-see list now its knitting time
i am working on a jayne hat (huge surprise, right?), a dropped stitch scarf using lorna laces, some Scar socks (remember SWII?), and plotting out one or two pairs of fetching gloves.
Wish me luck - gonna need it!

men who stare at goats

planned on going shopping instead i am at the movies i am sooooo spontaneous solo movie woo hoo

men who stare at goats

planned on going shopping instead i am at the movies i am sooooo spontaneous solo movie woo hoo

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Best Scholarship Ever

I feel in love with this store on a trip to Lake Tahoe a few years ago - If I lived in Reno, I'd seriously stalk Jimmy Bean, whoever he is (lol).  Today, I was reminded why I love them:
A college scholarship for knitters  - can't get any better than that!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

The stash that ate my bedroom...

I know what you're thinking....it can't be that big....my stash is huge......hers can't be bigger than mind. Guess what? It is large, huge in fact, bigger than it should be - more yarn than any normal person should be allowed to store in their home. But, as you know, I'm not a normal person, I'm a knitter and I L O V E yarn. So this ginormous stash of mine - full of good, great and mediocre yarn - is being downsized. And, in order to downsize, I must organize least I de-stash something really good, right?
I know what you're thinking again - it's still not that big and she's still not going to downsize that much. You're half right - I probably won't be able to part with most of it - and I think my family's ready to sign me up for Horders - so I'm going to pretend to de-stash (it's ok - they don't know I have a blog).
And just to prove that mine is bigger - photos of some of the dozen 66 gal, tubs taking up residence in the back half of my bedroom - mind you this doesn't include the container under my bed or the 3 or 4 bags that hold current WIPs.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh how I've neglected you dear sweet blog.....

Yes, I've been a bad, neglectful blogger of late. I won't bore you with details, or make excuses. Life goes on.
So while I sit here in my cube, waiting for the last show of the day to be ready to send out to the hungry masses, I'll dazzle you with some photos of items I will NOT be adding to my ravelry queque:

As much as I love bacon, I don't want pig's tails circling my neck.

If I ever decide to shave my head, I'll be making something to cover it - not my shoulders and not in puke-green. Actually, the house we live in now was once that color - however, my father didn't call it puke-green. He called it sh*t-green.

My sofa will get a hand-knit, white, cabled slipcover when:

1. It learns how to knit;
2. It learns how to repeal all manner of liquid and
3. When pigs fly (see pic #1)

Why yes, I did save the best for last. Why won't I be knitting this? One word: breasts.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

True Blood Afghan

Progress made on my True Blood afghan - I've been having a hard time figuring out how I want the squares to look -and two screen captures I have are totally different color-wise so I just made shit up and organized how I want to place the granny squares. I'll need almost 200 squares and I've got 4 done - LOL - but I'm happy to be crocheting something again .

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hooks, Fiber & Blood

True Blood that is.....my absolute favorite TV series. And my absolute favorite character on that series....Lafayette. Imagine my joy when the tv series departs from the book series and gives Lafayette a second chance. Here he is....under all those granny squares. And here I go....to Joann's because you can't knit a granny square afghan based on a black, gay fry cook from the bayou - who has no problem whoring himself out for a little extra $$$ - with expensive yarn. Besides, I have a gift card that I need to use.


That makes about 20 projects I have in progress.....here's hoping I finish one or two before the year's over.
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Monday, June 29, 2009

nd drive....drive.....drive. Would have been the perfect way to celebrate turning 50!
Wish I would have thought of this last year, but I now know what I want for a dream vacation. Road trip! Rent a Winnebago or. Better yet. A tour bus, a

Thursday, June 25, 2009

talent and not his court case.
Still no knitting content. Remembering the birthday when my gift was a record player and "Got To Be There". It's so sad and I wish they're focus on his
the sewing machine.
Wonder if I can post from a speeding BART train? And if I can, wondering why I havenlt had any desire to knit of late? I have had the urge to break out

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the rabbit died


Old School circa 1965 - appropriate today to include because there's a clear view of the TV's rabbit ears atenna - shortly after this we got cable - one of the first neighborhoods in the city to get it because of the BART construction. woo hoo for cable and 500 channels
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Look! A FO!


Baby shower gift - turned out much better than I expected. I miss crocheting - this was a fun project - now off to make some granny squares.
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Knit with Duct Tape Much?

Alli gets a makeover

Alli got a nice bath and is drying. Her new parts are waiting to be sewn on. Naked she seems more dragon like than gator-ish so I gave her a little pink tail. and - just to be clear on her gender, some frilly eyelashes. I may give her some polish on those nails but we'll see how much time I have tomorrow.

From Drop Box
From Drop Box
At Joann's buying new felt for Alli, I found a "Learn to Quilt" wall hanging kit on sale for ten bucks - I bought August which teaches "nine-patch blocks". I'd like the idea of a smaller project to do some real quilting. I've done patchwork but never machine quilted it. I'm excited to do some sewing!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alli the Gator (aka How I Became A Knitter)

39 years ago in Mrs. Caster's 5th grade class, I, along with my 35+ classmates, learned how to knit. We started off making squares which Mrs. Caster stitched into blankets for the poor pagan babies in Alaska. (totally true btw).
I wanted more. The rhythmic clink clink clink of the aluminum needs was somehow soothing to me. Truth be told, I was one of those kids who finished a test in half the time it took everyone else. I did everything fast. So Mrs. Caster obliged when I wanted something more challenging, and most importantly, time consuming. She handed me some purple yarn and a pair of needles and told me what to do. Cast on 6 stitches and knit for 7 rows. Increase here, decrease there. I swear she didn't have a pattern and I was not sure what this was going to look like when finished. I'd complete a few rows and head up to her desk and she'd give me another instruction. Weeks and weeks of stolen moments during class went by and soon I had two pieces of fabric. Mrs. Caster tells me to stay inside during recess and we'll work on sewing and stuffing. Two recesses and one lunch hour later, Alli the Gator was born.
As you can see from the photo, Alli's seen better days. Overjoyed at finding her, I've decided to devote this weekend to give her a makeover....no, a face lift because surgery will definitely be involved. I may even knit her up a playmate.
After 40 years after making her, looking at her ragged ears and dirty belly, she still makes me proud.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


If you've never heard of Three Irish Girls, you are missing soooooo much. I'm not sure if they're really Irish, if they're really girls or if there are actually 3 of them. I am sure they create the most amazing colorways on the planet. With so many amazing color choices, it's always an agonizing decision. I have been a subscriber to one of their yarn clubs and I am never disapointed.
So yesterday, sitting innocently in my Inbox, there sat an email with a link to their spring collection. Love.At.First.Sight. I admit, I get overly excited when it comes to yarn. But as I clicked through the pages of the catalogue, I came across Jack. Jack has a cheerful blend of blues, greens, tans and yellow. Years ago, my dad had a favorite sports jacket - in fact I think we buried him in it. It was a baby blue and yellow plain design that screams "I shop at JC Pennys". He always wore it with a butter yellow sports shirt and a pair of blue plain pants. Of course the two plaids didn't quite match up. And if it was a really dressy occasion he'd break out the tan faux leather dress shoes.
In fact, I'm sure we buried him in that exact outfit - it was his favorite. I'm not quite sure how these three irish lasses knew this and named this wonderful yarn after my father, Jack, but they did. And despite the fact that I've got huge expenses this month and may be unemployed next month, I'm buying me some Jack. Not sure yet what I'm going to make with it - I'm almost thinking it needs to be an airy crocheted vest - it has to be something I'd actually wear - and something that shows off the colorway without being too flashy. hmmmmmmmm

Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Eve...or

a Keane day of rest. Our Irish pub extravaganza is over so today has been a day of rest. Bartenders do the dirty work on the 17th - with Irish tacos - a Mission tradition - and me tucked away safe and sound at home. I'll be knitting and watching all the stuff I've recorded on my dvr for the last few weeks.
I did make progress on Mr. Foster and the crocheted baby blanket and spent half the day at work daydreaming about knitting. I think layoffs are on the mind of pretty much everyone on the planet these days and I swear, some days, I thing it wouldn't be so bad because I could finish all those wips. Course, I'd have to start eating yarn cuz I wouldn't have $ for food or PGE or the internet - but you gotta look on the bright side. For now, I'll steal 10 minutes on BART and work on prayer shawls & Jayne hats and save Mr. Foster for tv time knitting.

Happy St. Patrick's Day blogsphere - Slainte!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I blog, therefore I am

I'm at home today, sick with the head cold from hell. Or maybe a virus because I'm achy all over and get dizzy when I move too fast. Not nauseous - well, except for the moment I opened my daughter's door and the unmistakable aroma of puppy poop came wafting out.
What I have discovered in the early sleepless hours of this morning is that knitting takes just a little bit too much energy - which is my tipping point for the call in sick/tough it out at work decision. So I called in sick and now I'm home, in front of the TV waiting for something great to show up on QVC so I can spent my tax refund.
Since my head is too foggy to work on any of the dozen WIPs in my basket, I thought now would be a good time to clean up my website & blog. Apparently that requires a limited amount of firing neurons because my webpage looks purty again. Well, parts of it; it's a non-fiber WIP.
I need to figure out how to create a little status box on this for wips - so that I'll be guilted into finishing them. Currently, I'm working on:
  1. Mr. Foster - kit arrived Tuesday, still winding yarn and gathering myself
  2. Susie hoodie - signed up for the KAL for this on Ravelry sometime last year, currently on row 4.
  3. DSC02701
  4. Prayer Shawl - my own pattern - about 20% complete
  5. Noah's Ark Baby Blanket - crocheted - totally cute - totally need to finish before the baby is due
  6. Socks - several pairs in several stages - contemplating the great sock frog-off as I don't really like any of the ones I'm knitting. I need a cool green color to knit shanay some monkeys - maybe some of the 3 Irish Girls from the sock club
  7. DSC02673DSC02493
  8. Urban bag -it's been on the needles forever - need to frog it or finish it.
  9. DSC02510

Oh yeah, I bought a Wii from HSN. Someone take away my remote and my credit card, NOW!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Who Are You? Who Who?

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's all my fault.

conscious me: I admit it, I'm guilty, it's all my fault.
subconscious me: But T, why this shocking admission of guilt?
conscious me: It's a little embarrassing to admit but I've started a cult.
subconscious me: A cult? But aren't you catholic?
conscious me: Well yes, but not exactly in good standing.
subconscious me: So you started your own religion.
conscious me: No no no, it's not a religion, I've just lead people down a path, a path that some fear is evil. It costs them time, money and sometimes, one's sanity. Once you start, you can't ever stop. I knew this, but I did it anyway. I've turned them into (sigh), Knitters (with a capital K). I've enticed, enabled, encouraged, educated and turned out a coven of knitters.
May god have mercy on my soul.

As punishment for my sins, I think I'm going to knit this:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I made a list :)

See what happens when you google yourself (yeah, I should be knitting and not googling).
I may even get to meet the Hero of Canton this weekend.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I Love San Francisco

This was my view today during lunch. I was taking a web class in the Financial District. Kitty-corner from the building I was in, was the Church of Scientology. Truly depressed that they didn't rush out to convert me (I must not look rich enough), I crossed the street and landed in front of the Alioto law offices. Joe Alioto was one of this city's great mayors from a storied San Francisco family. After grabbing a sandwich, I wanted to take a up-close pic of TransAmerica pyramid with my cool new phone so I walked up another block and discovered a small garden. Beautifully manicured, with wooden benches scattered around a whimsical water fountain, this spot sat at the base of the pyramid. Once inside, it would be hard to imagine you're actually in the middle of a major metropolitan city - well, except for the huge pyramid jetting up through the foliage. This is why I love San Francisco.

and now for some knitting content - check out the frog:

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm about to knit up a ton of Jayne hats - and needed some inspiration.

Friday, February 13, 2009

sunset & storms

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this looked way better in person - driving through west portal on the way to stonestown to buy my nieces birthday gift

Friday, January 23, 2009

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

It's no longer the attitude of the country, but simply a line from a song.
Watching Jay Leno tonight - which I NEVER do - a PSA came on from our new president with a call to service. He mentioned a website - so I pulled out the laptop and searched for volunteer opportunites. And as I'm shy in a lot of social situations, I wanted to find something I'd be comfortable with and still make an impact. So I get to the website and do a couple of seaches: donating blood - nope, last time I did that I fainted - apparently I'm anemic; running a website for midwives - not sure how that's charitble; etc. A few more clicks later and I saw a headline "Knitters, Quilters, Crocheters Needed". Eureka. So I'm now registered with volunteermatch.org and am awaiting details from the organizers for a Hospice in Mass. which needs prayer shawls. To be able to use my passion to be of service to someone in need, is truely a gift.
One of the long lasting lessons I learned from the Ursulines was it was my duty to sacrifice - that was how you served God - when you put that 25 cents in the little milk carton bank for the pagan babies, it meant you weren't getting ice cream or a cup cake at lunch, but those babies were going to get something they needed. You didn't need the ice cream - you had everything you needed - but they didn't. It's a fairly simple practice. And one I'd lost. Most of my acts of charity these days involve a credit card number. I'll still keep up my donations to doctors without borders but now I'll physically be doing something. Baby steps!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

As I was keying in today’s date to run a report at work, I felt my face get flush and tears begin to well up in my eyes. I realized today would have been my cousin Debbie’s 50th birthday. If she had lived, I would have spared no expense today to remind the world that she was now officially old. I would have planned and plotted for months, with my sister and her sister, on ways to embarrass Deb – geriatric male strippers, dead roses, lifetime membership to AARP, and some sort of obscene cake would have all been part of the festivities. No doubt she’d reciprocate in August when I turn 50. But my cousin, whom I shared so much with as a child, chooses not to be here for this momentous occasion.
Over the past 15 plus years, she’s missed out on all the significant events in her goddaughter’s life. She would have been the cool aunt both my children could pour their hearts out to without fear of any of it getting back to me. She would have taken my son to concerts, gone to my daughter’s volleyball games. And she probably would have been the one to teach them both to drive. But don’t get me wrong, she was not, but any stretch of the imagination, perfect. There were times when I hated it because she was so hard to deal with. But, she was family; more like a sister than a cousin and we shared a bond and a history that couldn’t even be broken by death.
So happy birthday Debbie, maybe we can celebrate together in another 50 years

Monday, January 05, 2009

They've got more than 6 months...

until I turn 50...surely my children love me enough to get me this cake (sans the embroidery hoop).