Sunday, April 29, 2007

we are golden bears.....this is our year.....

I had so much fun at the Ursuline Alumni luncheon. And below, a pic of the purse I'm working on - still in progress.


Busy, busy weekend! ok, so the pic was from 3 weekend's ago but still.

After some semi-marathon shopping resulting in a new microwave, a new Giants T-shirt, and a boatload of groceries, some semi-kitchen cleaning to make room for the new microwave (and all my other QVC toys purchased in the last 2 weeks), I'm freaking exhausted. I was sound asleep by 10:30 on Friday and sound asleep by 11:00 on Saturday. It only means one thing - I'm turning into an old lady. Now my daughter thinks knitting is an "old lady" hobby - at least she did until one of her tutors at school broke out her sticks. Knitting aside, I'm going to an alumni luncheon today for my high school. This year we'll be having our 30th reunion (which is a miricle in itself since I can't possibly be over 29). I went to this luncheon a few years ago - our table was the youngest in the room and we were all mid-40's. But, it's still fun - there was something unique about us Ursuline girls. We were taught all the basics but we were also taught that we could do anything. I remember wanting so bad to take a sewing class because I love sewing but our prinipal wouldn't let me - I had to take college classes. This is the same woman, who when I told her I thought I might want to be a nun, said no. LOL I know now that I didn't have a vocation for that, I just wanted security - nuns didn't have to worry about boys or money or real life. At least that's what I thought at the time. In the little bit of planning I've done for this reunion, I realize now how special our education was. For the most part we were a sisterhood. And even though our school closed down 15 years ago, the alumni still get together each year and celebrate the Ursuline tradition.

In knitting news - I worked tons on my newest purse design - I hope to have pics any day now and then work on the pattern! My next design is burning a hole in my little head so I'm anxious to get that one going soon - that may have to be my fall design as the one I'm currently working on is now looking like a summer design. One purse every season seems like a reasonable goal?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy Little Bee

I've been a busy, busy little knitter of late. Lots of Jayne hats that I'm knitting for the Equality Now screening of Serenity. I was approached to be a sponser but since I'm just one little ole' knitter, I had to turn them down. But, I am making hats available to them at a discount to be used as raffle prizes, etc. So I'm stacking up the hats - I'm going to try to send extras to each location that places an order because the charity that will benefit from all this Browncoat love is an excellent one.
In other Browncoat releated news - the devil that is FOX television (you know, the guys who give you that O'Reily a$$hat)have decided to cancel Drive. It did get sucky ratings and they did promote the hell out of it, but give it more than 4 freakin episodes people! It's almost summer, rerun the whole thing then when all we have to watch is Big Brother 8!
In knitting-ish news, I've gotten really, really close to having some fabulous new items for my web store. A brand new design is on the way for my website - so this summer, look out - Yarn Candie is on the rise!!!!
And in ever better news, the Giants have won their last 7 games! Hooray for summer!

ETA: found this on my L&V swap partner's blog

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Monday, April 16, 2007

More yarn p0rn

Yarn P0rn

Yarn Swaps rock!! and my super formerly secret yarn swap partner seriously rocks. In the mail today I got a package full of yummy yarn goodness, a yarn harlot, an angel and a leprechaun!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I really need to buy this book!


How said is it that all I want to do this weekend is stay at home, watch baseball on TV and knit, knit, knit?

What, you ask, will I be knitting this weekend? Besides the constant clicking of needles (that's a lie - bamboo does not click) over Jayne hats, I've got a cotton purse I'm hoping to finish, a acrylic tank I've been trying to make progress on, my first pair of socks that I mentioned before, and about a gazillion other things I'm thinking about buying yarn for. Bad, bad, bad knitter! I need to plow through some of my stash before I buy anything else...someone stop me me.....I'm drowning in my stash. Seriously , my stash has taken over my bedroom. So rather than whining, I'll make a promise to myself to work at lease 1 hour wrangling the herd into shape.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bad Blogger

I've been neglectful of sorry my poor little innocent blog. Truth be told, I've found something more entertaining. I've taken advantage of my 25lb lighter frame and have discovered the great outdoors....well, as much of the great outdoors that one can discover without a car living in a major metopolitian area. I've been spending time with one of my best friends from 1st grade through high school - we've been going to WW together and some shopping and eating out and even some sewing. I've spent so much of the last few years working or with my kids that I forgot how much fun it is to be with a non-relative my own age. And I've been taking walks durning my lunch hour - this city is an amazing place. We took in a Giants game on Sunday - . Took in a movie on Friday - TMNT - it kicked ass. I haven't accomplished much in the way of knitting but I'll be doing some of that tonite. I've also been posting a lot on the ww boards and ready other ww related websites - lots of good info out there in cyber space.

I do have plans to knit two more Noni bags - the big adventure bag for moi and one of the other bags for my aunt who's got a major birthday this year and who's been hinting around for a bag. My goal - as always - is to get some of my purses written into real useable patterns and get a stash made for me to sell online and in local stores - so it's gonna be a knitty gritty summer.

I almost forgot - I participated in Lime & Violet's Yarn P0rn secret pal swap - it's been so much fun. The big reveal/end date is the 15th. I've sent off my package and I've emailed and sent/received cards to my swapper and swapee. It was a lot of fun getting to know my partners and gathering goodies. There's another event on the L&V boards that I would love to particpate in but it's full - it's a scarf event where you knit a few inches on a scarf - sent it off to the next on the list - rinse - repeat - at the end of the event you've got a scarf of many colors, textures and stitches. I love the idea but I discovered it after it was full.
I almost forgot this too - I've finally cast on and knit a chunk of my first sock - I got some amazing sock yarn and pattern from Jimmy Beans Wool and I've knit about 2/3 of the first sock - but, I'm not loving it so I may frog it and start over. The yarn's pooling in a manner I'm not thrilled with and the stitches are too loose.