Friday, December 29, 2006

I broke the internet

Just a slight exaggeration there but my dsl has not been working for weeks now and I've been so busy with the holidays and work that I haven't gotten around to fixing it so I can post.
I have spent quite a few work hours reading about holiday knitting on dozens of knitting blogs. I did little in the way of holiday knitting. Just a few dish cloths from Mason -Dixon knitting. Lots of Jayne hat knitting. I think I must have knit at least 30 of them in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I actually had to shut down my eBay store because I couldn't keep up with all that knitting.
I've got a ton of post-holiday knitting planned. First on the list are some very adorable cotton bags that I plan on lining . These are my own design and I hope to have them up on my webstore by the end of January, just in time for some Valentine's shopping.
I also saw the new Noni bags - I still haven't had the time to knit the bag I got the pattern for last summer. There's one new bag that is very simple but totally my kind of bag. I so want to be Noni when I grow up.