Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Obsession...thy name is Amelia

The pattern book is here. The crochet thread (or at least most of it) is here. The spanish moss hair is here. The wooden knob head heads are here. The teeny tiny roses are here. A gazillion wee baskets are here. The creepy faux ringlet hair is here. 3 eBay purchases, 2 in store Joann's purchases and one online purchase. One Beverly's in store purchase. And I think I spend a grand total of about $30 bucks. All for a freaking clothes pin doll. I'm not sure how exactly this became an obsessive endeavor but it has. And I'm not sure how I'm going to only make one. And I have no clue what I'll do with them when I'm finished. I think I'm going to make the holiday one whos name is Amelia and the pink one - both on the far right - and I may make a semi goth one with pink and black fishnets (told you it was an obsession). At least I've abandoned my first choice - drag queen nun dolls.....although if I get these done quick enough....there still might be time for some sewing...............

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dolls & Crochet

It's just a few weeks away from an annual tradition in my family - the Mifflin Family Christmas Party. My mom was #8 of nine sisters. 7 of those sisters had children - lots and lots of children. Last count I had 53 first cousins - most of them girls - almost all of them crafty. We're a crafty bunch of ex-Mormons. (actually some of them are still mormons but most escaped)

So every year at Christmas - since my mom was a little girl - the family all got together for a big dinner and gift giving. When I was a little girl the event moved from homes to halls. Last year it was at a hotel ballroom in Sacramento. Certain sister's families host rotating years so the food, location and activites change but we always have contests - ALWAYS. One is the shopping bag contest which was actually a stroke of genius. Since there are gifts given out to the kids, those kids need something to haul their loot home in - hence a contest to decorate a shopping bag. This year, in addition to the shopping bag contest, we've got the "Best Dressed Clothespin" contest. Now I will admit when I heard about this, I imagined one of my cousins was hitting the crack pipe the day contests were discussed. However, once I did a little googling, I discovered there's a whole freaking industry in the clothespin doll market. I even found a Saint Theresa clothespin doll on eBay for a mere $7.00. (and hell yeah I bought it). Then I came across some crochet patterns for clothespin dolls. Naturally, I had to take a trip to the craft store looking for doll hair, pipe cleaners and something to fashion a stand with. I also ordered 2 pattern books from eBay ($2.00 each thankyouverymuch). I already had the proper crochet thread and needles so I'm now good to go. Who would have thunk it?

I'm feeling the urge to crochet something else - maybe little tiny granny squares made into a bigger purse - lined - hobo style. The wheels are turning in my mind :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Christmas comes early

I've actually starting my Christmas shopping. I feel so damn organized!!! Normally, I don't event think about it until after Thanksgiving but I've already researched gifts and actually purchased gifts. I'm almost afraid I'm going to jinx it!

I still have my son's birthday which is just 2 days before Thanksgiving. And I work M-T-W of that week so there won't be much preparation time. And I've promised my former MIL that I'd help her roll grape leaves and she wants to do that the night before Thankgsiving. It's gonna be a busy, busy week.

I had grand plans of knitting a ton of stuff for holiday gifts and I've pared that down emmensely. My sis may get a pair of socks - new baby in the fam is getting a cotton bib - but I'm thinking that may be it. Maybe next year I'll start in January!!

Let the eggnog flow - it's holiday time :)