Saturday, November 03, 2007

Christmas comes early

I've actually starting my Christmas shopping. I feel so damn organized!!! Normally, I don't event think about it until after Thanksgiving but I've already researched gifts and actually purchased gifts. I'm almost afraid I'm going to jinx it!

I still have my son's birthday which is just 2 days before Thanksgiving. And I work M-T-W of that week so there won't be much preparation time. And I've promised my former MIL that I'd help her roll grape leaves and she wants to do that the night before Thankgsiving. It's gonna be a busy, busy week.

I had grand plans of knitting a ton of stuff for holiday gifts and I've pared that down emmensely. My sis may get a pair of socks - new baby in the fam is getting a cotton bib - but I'm thinking that may be it. Maybe next year I'll start in January!!

Let the eggnog flow - it's holiday time :)

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