Thursday, January 26, 2012


Can't craft with fugly nails ------

23 days

Brian Wilson Gnome
till pitchers and catchers report!!!!  Now that football season is officially over (go Niners), I can't contain my excitement  for the upcoming baseball season.  For the first time in my 38 years of attending Giants games, I'm going to Spring Training.  Check that one off the bucket list!
In anticipation of the 2012 season, I'm going to knit some baseball themed hats - like the one on this cute little gnome. 
My boys of summer need me - Scottsdale here I come!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Been a long time, been a long, lonely lonely time.....

Things that have happened since the last time I posted:
  1. Van Halen recorded an album of new music.
  2. The 49ers are one game away from the Superbowl
  3. Bin Laden's dead.
  4. The Iraq war is over.
  5. I broke down and finally bought a Dyson
Things that haven't changed since the last time I posted:
  1. I knit a butt load of hats.
  2. I learned how to make tamale.
  3. I haven't finished any of the non-hat knitting projects I started.
  4. I still miss my cousin Debbie and think about her every day - happy birthday cuz.
  5. I finally booked a trip to Spring Training.