Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sock Wars Update

My assassin is silent, my victim is silent and I'm actually making progress on the socks. woo hoo

Friday, May 09, 2008

Forgotten Warrior

SockWars has begun. Instead of the shock and awe that was expected, we're off to a dazed and confused start. This year there are more than 1000 warriors and dossiers have not been sent out to everyone causing panic, disappointment and some bitter and angry posts. Everyone has access to the pattern so at this point, all is still fair. But for the hundreds without target information, it's about to get unfair real soon. If you are a fast knitter and possess the motivation to do so, you could have socks completed by now but without a dossier containing sizing info and address, you can't proceed - hence unfair advantage. while I am 100% sure that our surpreme commander is doing everything in her power to correct this, it puts a damper on the event. Now, if someone wins who got their dossier on schedule, it will be a tainted victory. but, if one of the forgotten warriors wins, it will be a sweet victory!