Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back in the day....

Found this in my old hope chest - Van F**king Halen - Oakland around 1980. woo hoo

Sunday, January 27, 2008

soaked socks

Finally, an FO that's not a jayne hat :)
I was knitting up some socks for my sister's birthday. I very much enjoyed the Scar pattern from Sock Wars - who doesn't love a pattern named "scar" especially one with an actually scar look to it? So I was knitting it up in some pink wool that I can't even remember the name of when I discovered a bit ass giant leak in my bedroom. Have I mentioned we've had epic rain this month? In fact, it's rained so much that I actually purchased rubber rain boots. So my sock knitting was derailed while I gathered up my balls of yarn, two by two, and waiting for the ark. Now I gifted my much older-looking younger sister a Wii for Christmas so I was given a pass for a birthday gift this year provided I produced one chocolate mouse pie, some roasted chicken and about a dozen twice-baked potatoes. But I don't like not bearing gifts so I wanted to have the socks. Luckily, I have a plethoa of UFO's, one being a pair of socks that simply needed one more repeat and a toe made from some Lorna's Laces in the Tahoe colorway that I actually purchased on a trip to Lake Tahoe with my oh-so-ancient sibling. So I scurried between the kitchen and the living room - cooking and kitchnering - and finished the 2nd sock minutes before she arrived. Since she's a noob when it comes to knitted items, she had no idea they should have been washed and blocked. :)

I also have a dilema - I L O V E this yarn but can't find a decent pattern that'll show off it's lucious colors. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't Steal My Chit!

For some strange reason in the past two weeks, two eBay sellers have decided to use my picture of my Jayne hat that I knit (and semi-designed - semi because the hat is from a movie and the colors and style aren't original but the manner in which its knit is all mine own).....I digress...they used my picture in their auction listing. Now I love eBay. I feel that in theory it is a true testament to the American dream. It pissed me off to see pictures of my hat on someone else's auction. I take a lot of pride in my work. I also check out what other knitters are selling on eBay and I see the other Jayne hats. The sellers who've been around awhile also produce beautiful work. We knitter do take a lot of pride in what we make for the most part - especially for something we are putting out there in the public asking for their hard-earned money. So yeah, it pisses me off to see someone use my work for their profit. And it taught me a valuable lesson - copyrights and watermarks are necessary even for Jayne hats on eBay! One seller on eBay immediately apologized and that listed ended within a few others. The 2nd seller copped an attitude and wouldn't remove their listing until I reported them to eBay.
In other news, it's been raining and cold for days upon days here. So I'm off to look for a pattern for a friggin' ark just in case :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

More grad pics

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she's wearing the star in honor of Ameilia Earhart - the blind jew pilot

Lizzy36 001

Lizzy36 001
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Fingers crossed - the pictures are here - now we wait to find out if she graduates!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

On the look out for blinking Sidekicks

I read blogs at work all the time (when it's slow :) ) and lots of them are written by working moms who are share my fiber obsession. They are witty, clever and full of wonderful photographs of their latest creations. Me, I'm lucky if I have time to shower each day.

Now that the holidays are over and we've settled into our "normal" routine around here, my days (and nights) have been filled with cleaning, cooking, laundery-ing and my new role as study nazi. Having a child who's a Senior in high school with some questional grades a week before finals has compelled me to take on that role. So said Senior doesn't leave the house except for school until those questionable grades are no longer questionable. Which means I have to actually pay attention to make sure she is actually studying and not just rearranging pics on myspace or texting every one of her 8390 bff's. She did think she was clever enough to fool me by making her phone and computer silent but she doesn't realize my eagle eyes catch the blinking lights of her Sidekick from 50 yards away. Not that this is an excuse for not blogging, or knitting, or bathing.
I have started one new project this week - another pair of Scar socks (the pattern from SockWars) in pink, for my sister's birthday next week. And I'm doing Secret of the Stole ii for which the first clue was released on Friday. I'm fairly confident I can get both done. My son has also asked me to make him a hat so I did hit up Joann's today for the yarn and felt - yes felt - for that.

So I'm going to load up the DVDs and start knitting with one eye on the look out for snoring teenagers and blinking Sidekicks.