Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dolls & Crochet

It's just a few weeks away from an annual tradition in my family - the Mifflin Family Christmas Party. My mom was #8 of nine sisters. 7 of those sisters had children - lots and lots of children. Last count I had 53 first cousins - most of them girls - almost all of them crafty. We're a crafty bunch of ex-Mormons. (actually some of them are still mormons but most escaped)

So every year at Christmas - since my mom was a little girl - the family all got together for a big dinner and gift giving. When I was a little girl the event moved from homes to halls. Last year it was at a hotel ballroom in Sacramento. Certain sister's families host rotating years so the food, location and activites change but we always have contests - ALWAYS. One is the shopping bag contest which was actually a stroke of genius. Since there are gifts given out to the kids, those kids need something to haul their loot home in - hence a contest to decorate a shopping bag. This year, in addition to the shopping bag contest, we've got the "Best Dressed Clothespin" contest. Now I will admit when I heard about this, I imagined one of my cousins was hitting the crack pipe the day contests were discussed. However, once I did a little googling, I discovered there's a whole freaking industry in the clothespin doll market. I even found a Saint Theresa clothespin doll on eBay for a mere $7.00. (and hell yeah I bought it). Then I came across some crochet patterns for clothespin dolls. Naturally, I had to take a trip to the craft store looking for doll hair, pipe cleaners and something to fashion a stand with. I also ordered 2 pattern books from eBay ($2.00 each thankyouverymuch). I already had the proper crochet thread and needles so I'm now good to go. Who would have thunk it?

I'm feeling the urge to crochet something else - maybe little tiny granny squares made into a bigger purse - lined - hobo style. The wheels are turning in my mind :)

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