Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Eve...or

a Keane day of rest. Our Irish pub extravaganza is over so today has been a day of rest. Bartenders do the dirty work on the 17th - with Irish tacos - a Mission tradition - and me tucked away safe and sound at home. I'll be knitting and watching all the stuff I've recorded on my dvr for the last few weeks.
I did make progress on Mr. Foster and the crocheted baby blanket and spent half the day at work daydreaming about knitting. I think layoffs are on the mind of pretty much everyone on the planet these days and I swear, some days, I thing it wouldn't be so bad because I could finish all those wips. Course, I'd have to start eating yarn cuz I wouldn't have $ for food or PGE or the internet - but you gotta look on the bright side. For now, I'll steal 10 minutes on BART and work on prayer shawls & Jayne hats and save Mr. Foster for tv time knitting.

Happy St. Patrick's Day blogsphere - Slainte!

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