Wednesday, March 25, 2009


If you've never heard of Three Irish Girls, you are missing soooooo much. I'm not sure if they're really Irish, if they're really girls or if there are actually 3 of them. I am sure they create the most amazing colorways on the planet. With so many amazing color choices, it's always an agonizing decision. I have been a subscriber to one of their yarn clubs and I am never disapointed.
So yesterday, sitting innocently in my Inbox, there sat an email with a link to their spring collection. Love.At.First.Sight. I admit, I get overly excited when it comes to yarn. But as I clicked through the pages of the catalogue, I came across Jack. Jack has a cheerful blend of blues, greens, tans and yellow. Years ago, my dad had a favorite sports jacket - in fact I think we buried him in it. It was a baby blue and yellow plain design that screams "I shop at JC Pennys". He always wore it with a butter yellow sports shirt and a pair of blue plain pants. Of course the two plaids didn't quite match up. And if it was a really dressy occasion he'd break out the tan faux leather dress shoes.
In fact, I'm sure we buried him in that exact outfit - it was his favorite. I'm not quite sure how these three irish lasses knew this and named this wonderful yarn after my father, Jack, but they did. And despite the fact that I've got huge expenses this month and may be unemployed next month, I'm buying me some Jack. Not sure yet what I'm going to make with it - I'm almost thinking it needs to be an airy crocheted vest - it has to be something I'd actually wear - and something that shows off the colorway without being too flashy. hmmmmmmmm

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