Thursday, March 12, 2009

I blog, therefore I am

I'm at home today, sick with the head cold from hell. Or maybe a virus because I'm achy all over and get dizzy when I move too fast. Not nauseous - well, except for the moment I opened my daughter's door and the unmistakable aroma of puppy poop came wafting out.
What I have discovered in the early sleepless hours of this morning is that knitting takes just a little bit too much energy - which is my tipping point for the call in sick/tough it out at work decision. So I called in sick and now I'm home, in front of the TV waiting for something great to show up on QVC so I can spent my tax refund.
Since my head is too foggy to work on any of the dozen WIPs in my basket, I thought now would be a good time to clean up my website & blog. Apparently that requires a limited amount of firing neurons because my webpage looks purty again. Well, parts of it; it's a non-fiber WIP.
I need to figure out how to create a little status box on this for wips - so that I'll be guilted into finishing them. Currently, I'm working on:
  1. Mr. Foster - kit arrived Tuesday, still winding yarn and gathering myself
  2. Susie hoodie - signed up for the KAL for this on Ravelry sometime last year, currently on row 4.
  3. DSC02701
  4. Prayer Shawl - my own pattern - about 20% complete
  5. Noah's Ark Baby Blanket - crocheted - totally cute - totally need to finish before the baby is due
  6. Socks - several pairs in several stages - contemplating the great sock frog-off as I don't really like any of the ones I'm knitting. I need a cool green color to knit shanay some monkeys - maybe some of the 3 Irish Girls from the sock club
  7. DSC02673DSC02493
  8. Urban bag -it's been on the needles forever - need to frog it or finish it.
  9. DSC02510

Oh yeah, I bought a Wii from HSN. Someone take away my remote and my credit card, NOW!

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