Friday, February 23, 2007

It's here....

Have I mentioned how much I love Jimmy Beans Wool?
As a treat to myself for staying on WW for 3 freaking weeks (and losing at least 6 lbs - I don't weight in until Monday and I missed last week so I"m hoping for much more) and as a way to egg on the economy with my tax refund, I bought a Jordana Paige Knitter's Satchel on Tuesday from Jimmy Bean's Wool's website. It arrived today!
It's soooooooooooo purty. I can't wait to use it. I'm thinking it's not just going to be a knitting bag, I'm going to carry it as a purse everyday. It's the most wonderful shade of purple (called Grape) and it's elegant!
Pics tomorrow along with pics of the purse I'm trying to felt for my neice's 13th birthday tomorrow. It's a Noni bag (another of my favs) and I've having a hell of a time felting it. I've put it through the washer at least 8 times. I made the carpet bagger big last month with the same yarn (Cascade220) and didn't have an isse. For some reason I still see lots of stitch definition with this one and it's too freaking big!!! Off to a round in the dryer...if that doesn't work the kid's getting a gift card!!

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