Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yarn P0rn

I've joined my very first yarn swap - since it's supposed to be a secret, I'm not giving any hints but I am very, very, very excited. I've gotten emails from both my swapper and my swapee and it's really going to be fun.
This is what happens when it's slow at work and I get bored enough to do some web surfing - I sign up for shit.
I was hoping to go to WonderCon this weekend but my darling son didn't clear his schedule and I don't want to go alone but I still may. Nate Fillion who played Mal on Firefly will be there pimping his new Fox show and I'd love to get a look at him. I suspect I might even run into one of my Jayne hats! Perhaps I'll bribe my daughter to go. :O)
BTW - American Idol sucks this year.

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