Sunday, March 25, 2007

iTunes S U C K S

So, I saw this new phone on the T-Mobile webpage whilst checking my used minutes. It was such a pretty phone - just a hint of my favorite color - purple. It's a slide phone instead of my oh-so-old flip phone. I lusted after this phone when I saw it on the webpage because it was also a music player. Now I've had a cell forever but the idea that I could listen to my music on my phone and carry one less device in my purse on BART every morning was making me a happy, happy girl. My iPod (which was actually my son's iPod - he bought it - he hated it - he handed it over to me), was an iPod mini and was beginning to lose it's battery power - the altzheimers of iPods - they're never as good once they start losing battery power. Which, I suspect, is a cleverly disguised way to sell even more iPods (becase Steve J. doesn't have enough money yet.) For a company like Apple, who figqured out a way to merge the music industy and the internet when no one else could, who makes the most user friendly devices and puters in the verse, why can't they have a battery that lasts? Only one reason - if your battery lasts forever, you won't buy a new iPod.
I was resigned to the fact that I'd need a new iPod - cuz you have to have the tunes - and them video iPods sure are pretty - but I knew I'd be downloading videos left and right - I didn't want that to become a habit - why d/l Desperate Housewives when it's on free tv? So I figured once my paypal account had enough in it to justify the purchase, I'd buy the iPod. Then, I saw this phone. I was skeptical that it would be: 1. Too expensive & 2. Not hold enough memory for a decent playlist. I was wrong on both accounts. $120 later and a nearly lifetime commitment to T Mobile, I had my phone. I wouldn't even let my darling daughter touch it (she looks at electronic devices and they seize up and stop working). After 2 hours of trying to figure it out, I did have to hand it over to her to teach me. She discovered that my phone is also an FM radio receiver! True test if this is the perfect phone is manana when I see if it picks up a signal inside BART. I've got about 100 songs uploaded now so I'm a happy girl. I would have had more but iTunes songs won't play on it - but most of my music started out as legally purchased CDs - not many songs I actually purchased via iTunes. Just Nickleback and Daughtry - the ones I listen to A L L T H E T I M E which is why iTunes sucks. All in all, it's still a good thing.

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EllenMarie said...

iTunes blows. But I did hear that they are re-vamping the technology and the whole digital-rights-management thing is being eased up on by most music providers. Honestly, I HATE downliading things illegally but if it makes them play on all my mp3 players... well it somehow becomes more acceptable.