Thursday, March 08, 2007

Progress.....and denial

I'm making nice progress on Cherry Bomb - it's a lot of stockinette stitch but that makes it great for TV watching. A little mindless knitting is always a good thing. I've been tempted to pop it into my Jordana Paige Knitter's Satchel and take it to work with me (cuz it's been very very boring of late). But I'm not sure I can resist the temptation to knit at my desk.
I still need to order the rest of the surprises for my LV yarn p0rn swappee.
Speaking of pee, I was denied that biological right early this afternoon while at work due to some poor planning by some public utility officials. Apparently they're upgrading our water system here in the city that knows how and didn't realize the amount of water used around lunch time in a major metopolitian city on a regular business day. Can you hear the flushes now?
So in the midst of their work, a water main broke in one part of the city and the flow stopped. Just plain stopped. And no time frame when it would be restored. After about 30 minutes and squirming in my seat (I had consumed 3 16 oz bottles of water per my WW healthy habit goal) I was thinking of how I was going to be able to deal with the fact that I had to pee soon. Some of the ladies at work walked down a couple of blocks to the Marriott which graciously let them use the rest rooms. I'm not sure why they had working toilets when no one else did. Then I thought of the HUD workers 2 floors down - I know they weren't going to sit still for no flushing. So, I got my purse, my cell phone & my sun glasses and got ready to hit the streets looking for a place to pee. I figured it might be worth the $150 to try and check into the Marriott. At the very least, I could try and take BART home. Even if my toilet didn't flush, I could at least pee in it. As I passed through the double doors I heard a "thank god". I turned and saw smiling faces - there was hope in my heart - could it be true? Could I, dare I say it, flush? Chorus of hallejuahs danced in my head as I head our office manager say the crisis was over. We could flush. I tried to walk briskly to the closest ladies room without actually breaking into a sprint. It was true.
I vowed never to drink 3 bottles of water again, ever. And I'm thinking of investing in a supply of depends. Hey, it works for astronauts.

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