Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Random Wednesday

Hump day - say it out loud - it sounds like a bad porn movie title - one you'd see on Cinamax late at night full of faux humping. I don't know why we call it hump day. It's demeaning.

I've starting on a project for myself - something I can actually wear! It's Cherry Bomb from Big Girls Knits and I'm using some Caron Simply Soft I had sitting around. I didn't want to buy lots of new expensive fiber for this - it's more of me learning garment construction than anything else. Measuring myself was a joy to behold. How exactly is one supposed to measure one's boobs when gravity has not been kind? Kudos to Amy Singer, et al on measuring instructions. Very well written. I'm confident it'll fit great when I'm done because of the intricate measurements I took. (and no way I'm a triple D). I think I'd like to make the Lauren Tee next.

WW update - it's been more than 4 weeks and I've lost 17 lbs. Yep, the big ass jeans are starting to loosen up. It's been easier than I expected. I even splured on a super baby burrito last week and stayed within my points and lost 4.2 lbs. (that .2 is very important so please don't forget it).
I'm eating lots and lots of salads and almost no Cokes - I've actually had 2 1/2 in the last 5 weeks. I probably drank at least 4 20 oz bottles a day before that. Diet sodas do suck but I've found I like Fresca and I can tolerate Diet Dr. Pepper just not every day. I hate drinking plain water but i've been doing it. When I left work today I still had like 20 pts left so I went to the store and got a ginormous salad and a wheat roll on which I put R E A L butter. And I still have like 7 pts left. So life is good!

IN other knitting news, I'm participating in a yarn swap and it's been a lot of fun trying to find the perfect selection of goodies to send to my swapee. I think the hardest part is not keeping some of it for myself. I got some really cute stuff from eBay today and I'm thinking I need more so I can have some. But I have decided exactly what is going into my swap box so now it's just waiting for stuff to arrive. It's really hard not to blow the budget on this too - min is $20 which isn't a lot and I've gone past 2x that already so it's time to lock up the credit card until the next swap.

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