Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm finally caught up on Jayne hats - Hallej....however you spell that....I was actually home sick from work today - the allergy gods are hating on me - but it did allow me to catch up on Jayne hat knitting. And....since I'm caught up on Jayne hat knitting - that means I get to knit something else - something amazing different from a Jayne hat - something I'll actually wear...and it's not the socks I started weeks and weeks ago that I can't seem to get the hang of no matter how much I try...it's a sweater. Yes, I'm going to actually knit myself a sweater.
30+ years of knitting and I've never, ever made an adult sized sweater. Not only is this an adult sized sweater - it's a my sized sweater - bigger than your average adult female. And, to top it all off....it's a duster! And it's knit on small needles. So I could possibly be a grandmother by the time I actually finish it, I have cast on. All 291 stitches. The pattern calls for size 4 & 6 circs (36" cables) but I could only find 29" cables but it's good so far. I couldn't get an exact gauge to save my life but I got pretty damn close so I'm going for it. The pattern also called for 28 (yes 2 8 ) skeins of very expensive wool/silk blend. I'm not willing to pay 9 bucks a skein when I need to buy 28 of them - so I got some Simply Soft in a jet black color for 2.49 a skein and only needed to buy 8 of them. I used Simply Soft to make my mom's clapitos and I liked the feel of it. Plus, with my allergies to wool, I wasn't going to use the suggested yarn anyways. So, I'm off to veg in front of the TV watching some baseball and knit away!

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