Tuesday, December 11, 2007

L O S E R!

I finished my very cute clothespin doll in time for our family party on Sunday. She took far longer than I anticipated but I think she turned out way better than I thought. In fact, she turned out so good, she didn't even place in the contest. In fact, my daughter, who took one of those little scrapbook ornaments - the one that is a Giants baseball outfit, won first place. She spent about 35 seconds opening the package, peeling off the sticky bits and positioning them on a nekkid clothespin. A total investment of $5.95 and under a minute of time. Me, on the other hand, invested at least 10 hours and far more money than I'll admit to, and I lost.big.time.
Not that I'm bitter and not like I entered only to win (the prizes for Avon for god's sake!)
And after all that, my cousin decided she wanted my doll and took it - so I don't even have the doll anymore either. Bah Humbug :)
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