Sunday, July 02, 2006

I love KnitPicks!!!

My big ole box of yarn arrived at the bar yesterday and I just picked it up this morning. I love knitpicks, I love free shipping and I especially love when the big ole box of yarn arrives earlier than expected!!!!
Most of what I purchased was WofA for some more felted purses but I did get some sock yarn and some dpns for......S O C K S. After plugging through a bunch of different patterns and stash yarns without any sucess I decided to get some self-striping sock yarn and give that a go. I planned on making socks for my aunt who's confined to her bed while recovering from a fall but I fear by the time I'm finished she'll be running marathons. And, my daughter asked me when I was going to make her some socks - the daughter who H A T E S everything I knit. I feel lots of sock knitting in my future.
But first, I have a hat to finish for my last eBay auction before vacation, and a bd gift for mommie dearest to finish before next sunday, plus work and packing and cleaning and making sure i paid all the bills while i'm without a puter for a whole damn week. Plus, I'm publishing a book of really bad poems for a friend of my mothers......enough to the needles.

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