Friday, April 16, 2010

Bad blogger - no cookie

So I've shamelessly neglected blogging about my oh-so-interesting life.  But good news, I'm B A C K.  So much to say, so little time.  In approximately one hour and 3 minutes, I begin a week long vacation.  Woo fricking hoo, right?  It's a bittersweet woo hoo as I've chosen to take a week of hard-earned PTO to, as they say, get my shit together.  In Feburary I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  While the diagnosis wasn't a complete surprise, it still takes some getting used too.  At first I blamed myself - bad eating habits, etc., but after talks with doctors & nurse educators, I discovered I would most likely be diagnosed at some point.  The good news was my AC1 was 5.7 which is considered good.  The bad news is the weight loss program I put myself on doesn't mess with a low-carb diabetic diet so it's back to square one.
For the last month or so, I've been trying to get into a routine that includes working out 45 minutes a day, cooking most of my meals from scratch, sleeping 8 hours a night and taking my meds on time.  I have failed miserabely. Enter PTO - 40 hours of it - beginning in 44 minutes.
In addition to turning into the perfect patient, I am devoted copious amount of time next week to crafting.  I won't discriminate, there will be hats to knit, shawls to crochet, iPad cozies to sew and maybe even some cross stitch.  I'm also hoping to put our sweet little American Eskimo Mila, on a schedule.  Or, more accurately, put her mother (aka LizNast) on a schedule.  On top of all these projects, I'm attending my high school alumnae assocation luncheon next Sunday with drinks the night before with classmates at my mom's bar.  I can safely say, I will not be bored.
And when my Gmen kick some socal blue this weekend, it will the start of an epic week.
Wish me luck and let the games begin, in three, two, one.

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