Sunday, November 12, 2006

Over, Under? WTF?

OK, I had a semi-quiet nice Saturday planned - wanted to make some progress on the lace scarf but noooooooooooooooooooo. Either there is an error in the pattern o r I'm a complete ejit because I keep coming out with 1 extra stich on row 3 and 5 of the repeats. I've frogged this sucker 3 times so methinks I'll set it aside for the moment and get on with some Mason-Dixon knitting. I did rush out to the bookstore on Friday night and I got the Mason-Dixon book and it is wonderful. I so want to make a log cabin afghan now but I know that it'll take for-freaking-ever so I have to settle for some dishclothes. I have a plethoa of cotton yarn in some great solid and variegated colors so I'll be working on that whilst my lace-block dissappears. Plus I've got at least one more Jayne hat ordered so I've got plenty to do.
I think I could live for a week in a bookstore, expecially one with a coffee bar and cheesecake like the Borders closest to my house. It is attached to a mall but it's a "trendy" kind of mall without the usual Target or PayLess housed inside. This mall has a Nordstroms and a Macy's and an amazing food court with the best Korean BBQ I've had in a long time. So maybe I could live in the bookstore as long as I had acess to the Korean BBQ. Anyway, I love buying books almost as much as I love buying yarn. And my son is a reader, he can get through a sci-fi book in a couple of hours. So when I want to go to the bookstore and I don't want to drive there alone, all I have to say is "I'll buy you a book" and he's fetching car keys and running down the stairs (keep in mind the boy is days away from turning 21). Truth be told, I like to bring him along because it keeps me from spending an entire paycheck at the bookstore. So this particular Friday night, I got the afroementioned Mason Dixion Knitting and a copy of the holiday Interweave Knits magazine and the Yarn Harlot's book which I've also been coveting for quite a while. I haven't gotten to read it yet but it's going to be my BART book - the book that fits into my purse that I can read on my short train ride to work.
All this has made me realize that when I do open my very own uber fun highly successful yarn store, I must have a cozy comfty book section with a coffee bar and cheesecake located next to a Korean BBQ restaurant.

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