Friday, November 10, 2006

Progress Report

I cast on last night for my first foray into lace. It's a lace scarf and I saw the pattern online through a knitting group forum - the designer said the pattern can use any type of yarn and needles resulting in any size of scarf you want. It claims to be a leaf pattern but looks far more like lacey cables to me. It is an easy pattern but I got hung up on the numerous yarn overs between switching from knits to purls. I've only gone thorough one repeats - it's only 8 rows - and it does look lacey. I've only got one order left for Jayne hats so I may actually make some progress on this scarf.
I also want to start one holiday project - I really only have 2 or maybe 3 plus one big January project - I want to make some of those wonderful washclothes from Mason Dixon knitting. I love the blog but I haven't gotten the book yet. I have tons of cotton in my stash so yarn won't be a problem. I'll be book shoppinig manana. :)

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