Tuesday, October 02, 2007

eBay store stuff

I've finally gotten this lined and finished and posted in my eBay store. I used some hand-dyed yarn I bought off eBay quite a while ago and the pattern is my own. I've got so many other WIPs that I hoped to get into the store before the holidays - if only I could knit all day long!
I've got two more purses in the works - one that just needs handles - and at least 2 more sketched out - one of which will be crochet - so it'll be a quick stitch!
On top of that, I've loving knitting my Monkey sock - the first one is verrrrry close to being finished. Lorna's Laces is so nice to knit with - I actually ordered 2 more skeins today to make some socks of my demon spawn's upcoming birthday.
I've also joined sock wars - it's a very clever idea where everyone who joins is matched up with a victim - in order to "kill" your victim you must finish a pair of socks (from the same pattern), pop them off in the mail. If you get socks before your victim, you're dead and you send off your unfinished work to your assassian. It's simplier than it sounds! So I went and order some yarn that should work for the pattern that will be revealed in about 10 days - I'm hopeful but not expecting to finish first but it should be fun.

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