Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympic Progress


Dishclothes in the mail on the way to Termiknitter (may she RIP). Still stuck on the socks, I think I'm going to frog back and re-knit the gusset. And then, more Jayne hats and possibly more dishclothes. Although knitting with cotton sure is tough on the joints. I did switch from my dinosaur metal needles to my options circs - sooooooo much nicer to knit with. I'm going to try a swatch this weekend for the hoodie I want to make - still not convinced I bought the correct yarn. I had a Eureka moment yesterday and I now want to knit it in an eggplant color. Since I want to knit it in a non-wool fiber, I'm having a hard time finding the right color. And I know if I knit it with wool, I won't be able to wear it.
I've only got a few episodes of "Eureka" left so I'll have to find a new series to knit by :)
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