Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More jayne please

First of all, that pic of my shredded right calf looks nasty. For those of you keeping score, I think it looks worse now, all scabby and red. In other news.......the Jayne hats keep a coming.....I leave the listing up on eBay and weeks go by without a nibble. All of the sudden, lots of bites, so I took some new pics. But I was lazy, took em while I was sitting on my bed watching teevee - and it shows. So this weekend I'll have to make up a new batch of pics and update the listings (the usps has raised rates twice since I posted the current listing!)


In more exciting news (albeit, not much can be more exciting than Jayne), RHPS is being performed L I V E here in the city this month. I'd love to see it on Halloween night but I suspect it'll be a cluster f**k so I'll wait a few days after then take my demon spawn to go see it. Let's do the time warp again.
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