Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ouch II

It H U R T S and I'm turning into the biggest baby. None of those cuts are deep but damn, they hurt. And it's all bruisey and achey and itchy and it burns when I take a shower. Unfortunately, it's not bad enough to evoke any family sympathy so I'll have to get over it.

I did cast on again for Susie - I noticed a mistake in the cable and in trying to fix it, I made it far worse. Part of the problem with using an acrylic blend is that the yarn has no life. In trying to correct the cable, the stitches I frogged got all splitty and fugly. The end result was a most painful frogging all nine thousand, three hundred and forty five stitches. Immediately I cast on again and made it through 3 entire rows.

I've also cast on for Jayne hats to prepare for some holiday ebay shoppers - never hurts to be prepared.
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