Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Comfort

Sundays always seem to be a bit of a letdown after busy Saturdays and before dreaded Mondays - the perfect day for comfort food.  I decided to make one of my children's favorite dinners - Chicken & Mushrooms.  My version is simple, mushrooms sauteed in butter, chicken breast strips sauteed in more butter and seasoned with sage and then a decidedly rich gravy made with even more butter and milk.  Then serve the whole thing over a bed of white rice.  It's never the most appealing looking dish as evidenced by the photo above but it is simple and tasty.  It could use a little fresh parsley on top but I never seem to have any when I decide to make it.
It's the one dish I make that never survives the night - my kids work weird hours and we don't often dine together so at the end of the evening, I usually go up to the kitchen and pack away a serving of whatever I've cooked to have for lunch the next day - but not my chicken and mushrooms.  To Monday's lunch will have memories of my savory chicken but probably consist of some type of salad.

The bums are in town and the G-men have the opportunity to be in first place in the NL West by Wednesday afternoon.  I hope and pray my boys don't squander that opportunity.

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