Thursday, June 21, 2012

Working Hard or Hardly Working

Working from the comfort of my big-ass bed today, I got hungry.  Really hungry - the kind where it feels like you forgot to eat breakfast.  So I grab some jicima sticks and figure that will tide me over until I can run down the street and grab some pot stickers from the Chinese place.  With the TV in the background showing a cooking show - the jicima wasn't working and since I was pretty much too lazy to put on real clothes to acquire said pot stickers - I went foraging in the kitchen and this is what I came up with:

It's my over-the-top Green Taco Salad.  Using leftover romaine/carrot/cuke undressed salad, leftover turkey taco meat, half an avocado, some tomato, jalapeno, sharp cheddar and some fat free sour cream, I went to work. I put the taco meat in a skillet to warm up and added some garlic salt since it didn't have much flavor. I avoided grabbing some tortillas - we're trying to reduce carbs.  I mix  leftover green chili sauce  with the sour cream, adding some chopped tomato, a tiny bit of minced jalapeno, a teeny tiny bit of Splenda (like 1/3 a packet) and then used some milk to thin it out.  I put the taco meat on top of the lettuce, surrounded it by avocado, then shredded some cheese on top of the meat and topped it with the home-made dressing.  I threw a few green olives on top just cuz they're pretty. 
I've always been a huge fan of Mexican food - especially tacos - the crunch of fried tortilla - either a taco shell, tostada or a chip is nirvana when paired with the correct ingredients.  I've discovered in making this salad and the lettuce wrap tacos that lettuce is a fine substitute for a tortilla especially when watching carb intake. 

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