Saturday, June 16, 2007


FFO as in F I N A L L Y finished objects - I finished a gazillion hats this week which got shipped off around the freaking world - some donated and some purchased for the Equality Now benefit screening of Serenity next weekend. Whew! I am offically sick and tired of hats.

I also completed the baby yoda sweater from Dogs Steal Yarn. I knit it in the recommended yarn - very easy pattern - fairly quick knit (as quick as knitting anything in cotton can be). Pictures will be forthcoming as my camera batteries were dead (thanks Shuk!) when I tried to shoot it before my mom left for the baby shower.

I also finished my first little swatch for Lime N Violet's scarf circle III

- it took me forever to decide on a yarn from my stash - and a pattern - I settled on the cable pattern from the Irish Hiking Scarf in some acrylic I got from Joann's. Now I want to make an entire Irish Hiking scarf. And I want to use the rest of the yarn on a purse. Every single time I knit something, I think of 20 other things I want to make.
I still have two more hats to finish and a bit of sewing to do - lots of purses to line - but then I have to decide what I want to make next - I'm leaning towards some grannies - haven't picked up a hook in a while :)

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