Friday, June 01, 2007

SAT Saturday

So many things to little time. I've got to get up way early tomorrow to make sure my daughter gets up, gets fed and gets her butt to Jefferson HS to take her SAT test. Then it's off the post office, the mall, a graduation - all before noon. Then back to Jefferson to pick her up and bring her to the party for that morning's graduation. Gonna be a busy busy weekend.

Plus, I've got to finish the charity hats - I have 6 hats to finish before Monday! Luckily 2 are almost done, 1 is 1/2 done and the other 3 are pretty much dreams at the moment.

I also need to decide what to knit for Lime & Violet's Scarf Swap III - it's a really clever idea when each person starts an 8" swatch - slips the stitches off on a stitch holder then mails it off to the next name on a list - 3 months later - each knitter has a scarf of many colors - the one I'm in is going to go round the world - very very cool idea - I do know what yarn I'll be using, but not sure what stitch yet. Plus, I want to do some least it's almost summer and life is always easier durning the summer.

I leave you with a blurry picture of a gentleman sitting in front of us at my neices graduation. This guy had plumbers' butt at least halfway down his ass - in 40 degree weather - buns of steel perhaps. I couldn't bribe my younger neice to take a better pic. TGIF

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