Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's not a mystery any longer.....

So I ordered some new yarn for Mystery Stole III from Jimmy Beans Wool on Wednesday. Their store is out of state - I ordered Wednesday around 3pm. When did the yarn arrive? Friday - at noon. How freaking amazing is that? I guess it's a good thing that their store is in another state or I'd be handing them over most of my paycheck twice a month. I will be visiting one of their two stores during my vacation at the end of the month :)

Not only do they ship same day, they always enclose a little treat with their order - today it was 2 A&W root beer candies all nice and secure in a little baby ziploc bag. They know how to make knitters happy.

On to the's beeeeeutiful - soft and springy and just the right shade of ecru. I couldn't wait to finish dinner so I could start winding it. 1400 yards of winding - by hand. I'm really wishing I'd ordered that ball winder from Joann's earlier but nope, all by hand. I got halfway through and stopped as my shoulders began cramping - I'm such a wussy. I'm finish it tomorrow and then pick up some beads with some hint of purple/pink/lavender in them because I've decided I'm going for it. First lace project - first beaded project - hoping the goddesses of knitting are on my side. Wish me luck.

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