Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Randomness Deux

I've been spending soooooooooo much time on organizing my stash that I haven't done much knitting. Bad knitter, bad, bad knitter.

I did, however, order new yarn for Mystery Stole 3. I'll be using Lane Borgosesia Cashwool in Ecru. I'm not 100 percent if I'll do beads or not.

Being a knitting genius, I ordered this yarn from my favorite yarn store on the planet - Jimmy Beans Wool. I ordered it at about 4pm this afternoon. They shipped it like an hour later. Freaking amazing. So I'll have my soft new yarn long before my vacation - I'll be knitting by the pool (or by the tv in the room if its too too hot) in just a few more days. I love Jimmy Beans. I wish there was actually a human (male) named Jimmy Beans who I could marry and then run his yarn empire.

btw - the pic - totally random ;)

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