Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One of the best moments of this week was the homage paid to Willie Mays at tonight's All Star game. It was touching to see the love and respect given by the players, the fans and MLB. And it was fun all week watching the real world focus its attention here for the game I love so much. Aside from the hundreds and hundreds of fans I saw walking to the park, it was great to see guys with World Series rings in line in front of me at Quizno's on Monday, or a Giants VP walk into Moscone Center behind me & my family and knowing that we once had the same boss. I hope it doesn't take another 20+ years for MLB to bring the All-Star game back to the bay - I'm not sure I can wait that long.
A sportscaster once said something to the effect -" The other sports are just sports, but baseball is a love."

ETA: knitting back tomorrow - I've cast on for Mystery Stole 3 and I'm in the midst of my 2nd Booja Bag, a pair of simple socks using some killer Lorna's Laces I got on vacation a year ago and I'm working on a new purse. And Scarf Circle III.
On second thought - maybe less time blogging - more time knitting! :)

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