Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stitch -n- Pitch

Top Ten Things Learned on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the ballpark:

1. Blue cotton candy turns your teeth, lips and tongue a most unnatural shade of blue.

2. No matter which way you angle the camera phone, you'll never take a good picture of yourself.

3. The Dodgers suck - they don't just suck when the Giants are playing them, they suck every single day of the season and most of the winter.
4. Holding on to your crucifix and asking God for a home run doesn't work every time.
5. Buying beer for the souvenir cup is a rip-off.
6. Sometimes the umpires get it right - sometimes.
7. If you taunt the Dodger fans into doing something stupid, security will kindly escort them out of the park leaving you more room for your beer and nachos.
8. If you eat your hot dog without a bun, not only do you save 150 calories ,the guy sitting in the next row across will buy you beers all afternoon.
9. Did I mention the Dodgers suck?
10. July is not too soon to say "wait until next year".
Back to knitting since this is mostly, a knitting blog.
I pretty much H A T E the kid merino I bought for Mystery Stole 3 so I think I'll be ordering something from KnitPicks and waiting patiently to start over. I'm not sure what I'll do with the Kid Merino I bought.
I have gained ground in diminshing the stash. I started stitching together the Rose Trellis Afghan I stated crocheting some 25 or 30 years ago - seriously - I didn't have the 30 required squares so it's going to be smaller - more like a lap blanket - and it so needs to be washed. But it's going to get finished!
I also came across about 100 mini-granny squares in my favorite colors - hues of blues and purples with white trim - I'm thinking of turning those into purses. So I'm making progress.
I still have my Noni bag to start, my aunt's Booja bag, one Jayne hat, 3 purses to line and write up patterns for and, of course, Mystery Stole 3. I'm going to practice the stitches with some baby yarn while I wait patiently for my Knit Picks to arrive.
Go Giants

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