Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We the people....

Independence Day has always had a special meaning for those in my family - aside from being a holiday - it's a day when we're allowed to brag a bit about our ancestors. One of whom had a hand in this country's independence as a Revolutionary War general and who was one of the signers of the Constitution. My mother's family, being Mormons originally, have volumes of geneology books tracing our roots back to Thomas Mifflin (and Jesus H. Christ himself if one of my aunts is too be believed). Funny story about Mifflin - I had just started a brand new job at a brand new tv network and was on my first ever business trip - to NYC - meeting with big wigs at ABC. As I'm having my meeting with the biggest of the wigs, he gets a call he has to take - someone at the History Channel about a project - he tells me to stay put - finishes his call - and apologizes mentioning something about George Washington. I jokingly say, "It's ok, one of my ancestors worked for him." He asks who and I tell him, surprised at the instant recogization. He goes on to tell me one element of the project which happens to involve my dearly beloved ancestor who, turns out, conspired with the French to replace the father of our country. All I could manage to mutter was "I hope you don't hold that against me." I suppose he didn't as he was one to offer me a position when my network was disbanded seven years later.
I never remember exactly who I'm decended from, only that it wasn't old Tom as he had no heirs. I'm assuming it was one of his brothers or uncles as we carry the Mifflin name.
So what am I going to do to honor my country and my French-loving ancestor? I'm thinking some Hershey chocolate, a little BBQ and a ton of knitting.

BTW - if you haven't seen Die Hard III - see it, great way to spend a couple of hours :)

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