Wednesday, August 15, 2007

C O T T O N rules

In a valiant effort to anilate my yarn organization, my almost 22 year old son insisted I drive him to the mall this evening as he needed a new backpack. Since his college classes started this morning and since I got paid today, I agreed. Unfortunately we found a parking spot near the Beverly's (conveniently located between Jamba Juice and Gamespot). As I'm feeling as if I'm coming down with a nasty little cold, I headed for the Jamba Juice. My son, being male, headed for Gamespot. We met in the middle, in front of Beverly's. What harm could I do in a chain craft store? After all I just got rid of thousands of yarns of Red Heart. Unfortunately I'd been reading Mason-Dixon blog whilst working and feel in love with the Buncha Squares Blanket that Ms. Kay just posted. It's quite fetching and it's cotton and its garter stitch. So I was thinking I could make something like that as a Christmas gift. I've got a decent selection of cotton but no creams or white which the aforementioned blanket required. The rest is a blur because I'm not entirely sure how I managed to spend more than $50 on little tiny skeins of yarn that cost a little over $1 each but when my son opened the trunk of the car, there it was C O T T O N for days. I did have an Eureka! moment about creating something other than a blanket with all this cotton which I'm going to go work on righ this second.......details later!

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