Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chore Wars

For all of us knitters with too much free time , the wonderful ladies over at Lime n Violet have devised a Knit Wars version of Chore Wars. Anyone familiar with MMORPs like World of Warcraft will find Chore Wars vaguely familiar - you earn XP for completing knitting related tasks. The whole point of the site is to encourge folks to do chores whether it's kids taking out the garbage or menopausal women knitting socks. Anything from finished a sock to resisting the temptation of buying new yarn ears experience points - and let's just say, I'll never earn XP for NOT buying yarn. It's a fun way to pass the time at work - of course only when I'm not actually working. I noticed tonite, as I put in some xp for the 2 hours of knitting I did last night while watching "The Trouble With Angels" (best.movie.ever). That gave me 40 xp plus another 10 for the 4 skeins of sock yarn I got online. 50 xp for the day. Not bad. I've got a total of about 400 xp. Then I looked at some of the other knitters - those who had thousands and thousands of experience points. On person had claimed 40xp for knitting dishclothes at 2 hrs a pop, 4 times in one day. I guess I'm glad I don't have THAT much free time. Course now that I've blogged about knitting, I can go claim some more xp :)
And, in other knitting news, I'm loving the way the Twisted T is beginning to look - the color of the Cotton-Ease is a most yummy shade of purple, it's far easier to knit than Sugar n Cream or Mission Falls 1824 (that stuff almost killed me), and I L O V E how the twisted hemmy part turned out - and sooooooo simple. I predict I'll be finished by the end of next month - and hopefully I'll be 10 lbs thinner so I'll look so hot (not!).
And, my ball winder arrived at my mom's bar today so I'll go pick it up in the next day or so. Not having a car sucks but all the money I save buys me more yarn!

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