Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lot's O'Knitting

My efforts to avoid the nasty bug that's going around by taking a sick day on Thursday failed miserably. I went back to work on Friday and now I'm sick as a dog. I did run bar errands Saturday morning, and went grocery shopping, which make it all worse. So now I'm staying put, taking lots of sudafed and sneezing my brains out. The bug is more of an annoyance than anything else - I'm not sick enough to sleep through it and I'm hungry as a horse. My WW weight in tomorrow may not be pleasant.
But I did cast on for the Twist-tee from Knitty. I'm using Cotton Ease (because I couldn't find a shade of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora that I liked) in a nice purpley-mauvey colorway. Since it's an actual garmet, I did knit a gauge swatch which was dead on so I'm feeling fairly confident. It won't be BART knitting and it pushes MSIII on the back burner (I wasn't loving it). I do have 2 swatches for Lime-n-Violet Scarf Circle III that need finished soon and some purse lining to do but I think the Twisted-tee is good for stay-in-bed-knit-all-Sunday-so-I-don't-use-another-sick-day knitting.
Here are some random pics of my daughter and my niece shopping for clothes at Wal-Mart (who knew cool-urban teenagers would love Wal-Mart?).

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