Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lots of FOs

I've been meaing to do this for a long time - lots of finished projects!

This one is a purse I knit for my neice Kaylee's 17th birthday - I made her sister the little piggy cell phone holder so turnabout is fair play. I got the pattern from a Spring 06 Magazine that I promptly lost - but it's a basic st stitch with increases. I did learn to cable cast on for this and I've made a couple more for gifts.

This purse is the first thing I made with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes. I made a Booja bag using Noro Kuryeon and had a hard time felting it. I wanted a more structed bag so I designed this one with the inspiration being the leather bags my sister and I would buy at the Sonoma County fair every summer. They had a nice heavy flap that kept everything inside the purse actually inside the purse. I like this one except I sucked making the buttom hole (and I don't actually like the button). I've got another on the needles that looks to be better.

The poncho from the movie Monster-In-Law - which is actually crocheted and way too small for any normal sized human.

And, just to prove that everything I knit does not have blue in it - the Jayne hat - this must have been # 8975932.5.

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