Thursday, June 15, 2006

WoW, I'm a Knitter

The worlds of WoW and Knitting collide!

In other news, after work I planned on going to NoeKnits to buy some sock yarn. I want to knit socks for my aunt who's been ill. I didn't have anything appropriate in my stash and I'm too impatient to wait for a knitpicks order so off to my lys. I got there at 5:59. They close at 6 on Fridays (??? why so early?). They were long gone when I hit the door at 5:59. So sad. I really like Noe Knits but this discourages me from taking the time and trouble to patronize my lys. Parking sucks in Noe Valley and I was thrilled to find a spot right in front. All I wanted was some pretty sock yarn and some size 2 bamboo dpns. Not much to ask for on a summer's evening? But noooooooooooooo, they decided to close early. Yesterday was payday, I suspect I would have purchased more than 2 skeins of sock yarn and some needles. I suspect I would have bought some nore Noro to make another booja bag and maybe something silky to make a 2nd clapitos but nooooooooooo, they weren't open even though it wasn't exactly 6pm. I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.......big mistake.....big mistake.
buh bye Noe Knits - good luck to ya!

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