Friday, June 09, 2006


This afternoon at work I had a tad too much free time - I think the whole mid-week baseball game thingy just killed any productivity I had for the week. Wasn't just moi either, the place has been a ghost town since about noonish on Friday. I started making a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish this weekend and 80% were knitting related. Lately I've been thinking about the big picture - about what I want to do with the rest of my life. I've been a wife, a mom, a college graduate, a secretary, a bookkeeper, a bar owner, a deli owner, a field producer, a web producer, a satellite producer, a assignment desk editor and now a media manager. The best and sometimes worse of those times where the years at TechTV when I was satellite producer. TechTV was a startup tv network devoted to all things internet and technological. So when Al Gore spoke about inventing the internet - we knew exactly what he meant and who actually did the "inventing". Some of my former co-workers have recently dubbed it Camelot - we knew that we were part of something special - something that should have nutured and allowed to grow. But those who thought they knew better, destroyed it. In destroying it, they also destroyed what they loved - so no one wins. But, it was still an experience I'll likely never repeat and one I'll never regret. We've all moved on to different things - one guy is the radiator king of Denver, one woman co-anchors Headline news, me and a few others fell into a retail tv network (stuff you see in stores) but we're all still connected by our own technological Camelot.
So, as I sit and ponder about what I really want to do - I know precisely what I don't want to do - I don't want to do local news, I don't want to run a bar or a deli, I don't want to do administrative work. Part of me still wants to work in news - but I'm too old and too experienced to be back in local news working night shift, weekends and every holiday because I have no senority. And, I don't want to leave San Francisco - leaving the city means I could probably have my pick of a number of news jobs - management jobs - but I don't want to do that. So, that leaves me with staying in retail tv or ? or what? That what has become more and more defined for me of late. I've been knitting and trying to knit a number of items - hats, bags, shawls, scarves, etc. I LOVE doing this. I LOVE trying to figure out how some make an idea in my head work on a pair of knitting needles. And most of all, when I create something and give it to someone else, I LOVE to see their reaction - good or bad. And I really love when someone seens my stuff on eBay and buys it - then tells me how much they love it!! So in the back of my mind I'd been thinking, wouldn't it be fun to have a store where I'd carry yarn that I love, teach classes, sell patterns I design. It would be a love fest. Then I think - well, would it make enough $$ to support myself - hell, health insurance costs alone can kill you!
So today, as I sat and read a thread to emails from former TechTV co-workers reminising about our camelot, I came to a decision. I'm going to create my own Camelot (without the tragic ending of course.) My first step is going to have to be a business plan - not an easy task for a psych major turned satellite bitch - but not impossible. So my list of things to do this weekend have been dwindled down a bit - work on business plan - keep knitting, just keep knitting.

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